Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The times are a changin'

I just returned home from a short trip to Atlanta for a job interview (fingers crossed!) and realized how much time has gone by this year! It's already that last week of October and nearing the end of 2011. In Florida, fall pretty much looks like summer which looks like spring and truly, winter isn't that much different either. But cross the state line and fall is a completely different season- full of color changing leaves and crisp cool air! The leaves in the trees created a beautiful fall palette of colors that asides from wanting Thanksgiving to come ASAP, left me wanting a closet full of rich, fall inspired colors. There are so many great tops, skirts and pants out there to create a wardrobe jam packed of autumn hues...let's hope for my closet's sake this job works out!

Fall Leave Colors

Moschino Cheap Chic silk ruffle blouse, $445
Ruffle blouse, $98
Silk blouse, $495
Vintage shirt, $1,490
Pringle of Scotland oversized sweater, £239
Mulberry gold shirt, $400
Madewell silk shirt, $110
J Crew silk shirt, $110
Zara short pants, $50
Rag & Bone skinny leather pants, $990
Maxi skirt, $70
Pants, $43

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Inaugural Post

And so it starts-- my adventure in blogging begins as I start on a new journey in life.  Now recently graduated from college, the real world (or so it's called) is actually a reality. What lies ahead of me, I'm not quite sure, but this blog will be the perfect place to catch my dreams of fashion, outfits and the wardrobe I dream of owning one day, past travels and hopefully future ones, creative ideas, dreams, dreams and more dreams...(hence the name of the blog- Dreamcatcher).
If nothing else, this blog will serve as an inspirational diary for myself, hopefully documenting many happy visions and realities as I write the next chapter in the autobiography of Amelia Smith. This beginning feels as if I've just stepped up to a maze, I don't know where each path will take me and I may stumble along the way, but I know my dreams and more await me at the end.

With the help of my friend Kelly, I braved the web design jungle and found the technological world is way more fun than it appears. No wonder nerdy glasses are so in right now! A big thank you to Kelly for helping me get started and glad we're on this blogging adventure together! Check out her blog, Hello Boudreau and feel free to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn! Enjoy!